Last updated 26 August 2018
No, really.

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What is a web wraith?

There are parts of the web that one would think long dead, and yet, due to lifetime hosting, free hosting, automatic payments, or other touches of serendipity, they live on. I love these sites. When I did a brief link dump on my main site, Spooky Moon, I realized these gems needed more attention. Because I'm interested in all things spooky, that's what you'll find here. If you want to find old links on cake decorating, this is not the place. Unless they're spooky cakes.

As you surf these links, be prepared for:

  • Popups asking you to download midi (music) files that no longer work inline
  • Plenty of noise from music files that still work
  • Graphics so garish you will have to select the text with your mouse in order to read it
  • "Mystery meat" navigation, where you'll have to mouseover gifs and hope for the best
  • Great big flash intros
  • Many, many broken things
Often, the sites won't look as originally intended. Sometimes that's for the best.

A bit about the site

As web design has evolved, coding has become more and more complex. For the web nerds: this site's doctype is set for HTML 3.2. I tried doing something more modern, like a Wordpress install, but in the end, it was more trouble than it was worth, and it didn't pay true homage to the subject. I chose something just far along enough to include tables. Because I like tables, dammit.

PS: Think this background is bad? Reload the page.


Note: some links are listed under several categories, to make it easier to find specific types of sites. For other links, I threw up my hands and listed them once under Resources.

Art and Photography

Note: artists were some of the first sites to use flash intros. You have been warned.


Clubs and Communities

Clubs, groups, and other gatherings.



Masks, accessories, ideas

Crafts and DIY

Desktop Goodies

You need some new (old) wallpaper! Note: I do not recommend downloading anything active, like a screen saver.



My picks for Best in Show.


Fortune Telling


Virtual Haunted Houses

Haunts, Displays, and Events



Clipart, GIFs, sparkly things.



Link Directories

Local Color

Localized directories of scary stuff

Magazines, Podcasts, Online Shows

All things periodical


Some of these are single movie tributes. You just don't see those anymore.

Music, Sounds, and Songs



Hauntings and Hunters




I run into a lot of "This site has moved!" notices, but the "new" site doesn't work, and sites that were properly closed with a notice, yet linger. Just a wisp of HTML to mark their passing.


We do not recommend trying to buy something from these sites.


Stories, Books, and Poetry